Overview of the Slot Game “Curse of the Mummies”

After two space-themed titles in as many months, Leo Ventures (LeoVegas)-owned provider Blue Guru Games has returned to more familiar ground with Curse of the Mummies. This one doesn’t beat around the bush: mummies are among us to exact vengeance on the living. The game’s features are similarly succinct and straightforward. The large maximum win in Curse of the Mummies is made possible by the basic game’s symbol transformations and the bonus round’s potentially large multipliers.

With so many competing Egyptian-themed slot machines, it might be tough for any one to be recognized. Curse of the Mummies tries to achieve this by showing a darker aspect of the genre without actually being a horror film. The scary mummy symbols provide some edge, albeit not as much as in Stakelogic’s thriller Gods of Death. Curse of the Mummies may not explore the underworld as thoroughly as Hacksaw Gaming’s Hand of Anubis, but it still provides enough visual and auditory appeal to keep players engaged.

Playing Curse of the Mummies involves a 5×3 game panel with 243 possible winning combinations. When at least three matching symbols appear on adjacent reels, beginning with the first reel, the player is awarded a prize. It’s a very risky game with two different return to player percentages (95.73% being the optimal choice). You may play it on any device, and wagers range from 25 cents to £/€100 every spin as you investigate this tomb.

Ankhs, lotus blossoms, scorpions, and cobras, together with other generic Egyptian symbols, make up the low payouts, while four terrifying mummies make up the high ones. Before we get to the bonus rounds, there’s one more symbol to talk about: the golden scarab wild, which may replace any other symbol outside the scatters.

Slot Functions and the Mummy’s Curse

The Curse of the Mummies basic game feature will be familiar to those who are familiar with the previous Blue Guru slot, Octopus Armada. The Rise from the Crypt feature can activate at any time during play. A random pay symbol is turned into a scatter or wild when the slot machine starts to life.

Free Games with the Crypt Raiders

If you get a scatter on all five reels, you’ll get 15 free spins. All feature winnings are multiplied by the accumulating trigger scatter multiplier. There are five different values for normal scatters (x1, x2, x3, x4, and x5) and ten for super scatters. The sum is recorded for use during the entirety of the bonus rounds. If you get 5 scatter symbols again, you’ll get an additional 5 free spins in the bonus round. Every extra scatter increases the win multiplier by 1, 2, 3, or 5 for the retrigger.

Spend Money on a Bonus

If the bonus buy button is available, there will be a drop-down menu with four choices. This includes:

The first option (80x the bet) grants a standard 5-scatter trigger.

The second choice, for 140x the stake, ensures you’ll get at least one super scatter.

There is a third option that requires a 200x wager but ensures at least three super scatters.

The fourth choice (260x the stake) ensures three super scatters.

The Mummy’s Tomb: The Slots Are Rigged

Blue Guru’s decision to go with such a traditional subject after the unique Day of the Tentacle/Cthulhu/end of mankind stuff in the last game was a bit unexpected. They’ve done it in grand fashion, and we have nothing but praise for the idea and its advocates, but it’s hardly the most unique material from which to weave such a complex narrative. Never fear, though; Octopus Armada proved Blue Guru’s inventive potential with its fantastical account of octopus masters’ return to Earth to mete out cosmic retribution on the current wave of irresponsible consumerism. By its very nature, Curse of the Mummies was doomed to feel derivative.

Curse of the Mummies has several of the same flaws as its tentacled sister, albeit having a less outlandish plot. The fundamental gameplay is only so-so. There are 243 ways to win, which is nice, but the only feature is a transformation function that may change standard payouts into wilds or scatters, which is what we received in Octopus Armada as well. The bonus game is a significant improvement on The Nemean Lion’s version, offering the chance of much larger payouts and requiring less inputs from the player. By increasing the win multiplier during the feature by landing additional scatters, Curse of the Mummies may generate winnings of up to 9,138x the bet. A huge victory would be great for the game and, by implication, Blue Guru’s reputation, so it would be fascinating to see if it reaches that goal as well.

We were hoped Blue Guru will make up for our minor disappointment with the features of Octopus Armada in their following slot. Curse of the Mummies is a solid Egypt-themed slot machine that has more benefits than negatives because to the 243 ways system, high-quality visuals, and the chance for exciting multipliers. Although free spins with a huge multiplier on board are sure to please, the game’s simplicity prevents it from being a red-hot furnace of flaming innovation. Blue Guru has proven themselves with a refined Egypt game in Curse of the Mummies, but they may need to go further afield to really make their rivals sweat.

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