After three clocks were called in the same hand, Johan Guilbert’s antics shocked the poker world

The Poker Stars European Poker Tour (EPT) Paris has been going on all week, and there has been a lot of action. In the most recent episode of the Podcast, which you can listen to here, we discussed a lot of it recently.

During a number of EPT Paris tournaments, the Live Reporting Team has been present to provide live updates. Five of the most exciting hands that were captured in our live updates from the EPT Paris are listed below.

On Day 2 of the EPT

Paris €5,300 Main Event, Johan “Yoh Viral” Guilbert opened to 8,000 from middle position and Daniyar Aubakirov three-bet to 17,000 from the hijack. When the action came back around, Guilbert went deep in the tank. Three clocks, two check-raises, and one double for Guilbert. Somebody at last called clock and Guilbert called before long.

Aubakirov continued for 9,000 after Guilbert checked on the flop of “7-Hearts,” “10-Spades,” and “7-Diamonds.” Before distributing a stack of chips for a check-raise to 23,000, Guilbert stood still for more than a minute. Aubakirov made a call.

Guilbert’s eyes flitted behind his octagonal sunglasses as the turn brought the “2-Clubs,” and he sat down with his hands on his lap and considered his options. Once more, a friend at the table called the time, and Guilbert eventually checked as the seconds passed.

Aubakirov placed a wager of 20,000, and Guilbert promptly returned to the tank. Guilbert checked raised once more with a jam of 66,000 after a table mate called the clock on him for the third time. With his larger stack, Aubakirov called.

While others at the table appeared prepared to move on to the next hand, Guilbert won the pot with a pair of tens and nothing changed on the “4-Spades” river.

Poker pundits engaged in a great deal of social media discussion and outrage following the tweet. “Matt Berkey says: Hey, man. I love Yoh however this necessities to end. The elimination of such absurdity would be the one and only benefit of social media.

Darren Aronofsky: The majority of the tournaments I participate in have shot clocks, so I don’t really have to do it often. However, it’s not personal. I will call the clock if it benefits me if people waste time thinking it will benefit them. Fair game.”

Frank Kassela said: At every table I play at now, the slow play issue is completely solved. If they begin to run out of time, I speed up and continue much longer. Rather quickly, they give up.”

As of the time this article was written, Tournament Director Matt Savage polled the poker community via Twitter regarding the hand. An overwhelming 93.5 percent of respondents stated that it is destroying the game.

Quad Pros for Moore

Likewise on Day 2 of the Headliner, yet several levels prior in Level 13 (1,000/2,500/2,500), Peter Moore opened to 6,000 and Miroslav Forman three-bet to 18,000. With 45,000 behind, Moore four-bet to 46,000, and Forman raised again for all the chips to meet in the middle.

Miroslav Forman: { The flop landed k-Diamonds, k-Hearts, q-Clubs, a-Diamonds, and 4-Diamonds, giving Moore a set but leaving Forman outs with two backdoor draws. The preflop chill turned into a postflop sweat. Forman received outs to a straight after the “j-Spades” turn, and Moore received quads for a double when the “a-Spades” landed on the river.

“Every time a sweat!” Moore stated as he scooped the pot. He would exit unexpectedly after a few levels.

After his stack had been counted and he had jumped from his seat, Moore exclaimed in shock, “So fuckin’ sick.” The Canadian was left with nothing and a bad story to tell after everything was said and done.

With the “a-Diamonds” clubs, Moore had won, and with the “spades” clubs, Johan Schultz-Pedersen was up against him.

On “k-Clubs-6-Spades-4-Spades,” Schultz-Pedersen flopped the top pair and top kicker with a flush draw. While Moore was left with only one out on the “7-Clubs” river, Schultz-Pedersen took the lead thanks to the “k-Hearts” turn.

Bogdan Munteanu moved all in for 20,500 from under the gun on Day 2 of the €3,000 EPT Mystery Bounty, prompting Jose Jaraiz to jam for 34,000 from middle position. Zhechov Spikes River to Claim Three Bounties Erik Bystroem committed his final 87,500 as the third player to ship in his stack. Before calling as the big stack, Ivan Zhechev was in the big blind and thought about his options.

Munteanu won on the a-Diamonds-9-Hearts-5-Clubs flop and improved to trips on the a-Clubs turn. On the a-Clubs flop, Munteanu had the best hand. Along with his pair of nines, Bystroem also got a flush draw. The table then, at that point, emitted when the {6-Diamonds} waterway hit the felt to give Ivan Zhechev the best hand, sixes brimming with aces.

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